DIY Automatic Plant Watering System

  • $19.99


This drip irrigation system is a complete system that is designed to be used to irrigate borders, planters, flower beds and under canopies. Low volume irrigation can show a significant reduction in water usage. Everything included for a complete installation.

  • Each micro sprinkler offers an adjustable flow and diameter for total flexibility in your layout
  • Made from durable, UV resistant materials for long life in the landscape
  • Up to 160 sq. ft. coverage
  • Easily installed, simple do-it-yourself project
  • Low-flow watering helps prevent water runoff
  • Easily expanded

Using Tips:

1. Dripper kits can be directly connected to the threaded faucet.
2. Cut the hose yourself, suit measures to local conditions.
3.Twist the adjustable dripper's red cap into a sprinkler, Drip-like, closed shape. meet your needs.
4. Individual emitter is temporarily shut off when you could simply.
5. It can automatic irrigation when your tap tight thread adapter and open water.


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